What makes us unique

What makes us unique

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Nextensa has chosen to organize their own Customer Services Department to guarantee the highest possible client satisfaction score in the process of after sales. On the site of Tour & Taxis, buyers can visit the Residential Info Office where they can go over all materials, colors and finishings while having a coffee or lunch.

Our recent community stories

Adil El Arbi: from Hollywood to Tour & Taxis

As the Tour & Taxis site keeps growing into a new urban neighborhood, new residents find their way to Park Lane. One of them is Belgian director Adil El Arbi.

We are attracting brands with a story and a soul

With the completion of the impressive Gare Maritime and the development of the residential area Park Lane, the world of Tour & Taxis is expanding. We’ve had the chance to sit down with Extensa’s Retail Manager Helga Cosyns, who is right at the center of the latest innovations. She tells us all about her new job, her challenges and the vision for Tour & Taxis’ future.
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Skyfarms corporate vegetable garden at T&T

Skyfarms brings to your office the pleasure of reconnecting with nature while developing new skills.
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