It’s all in the


Just as the exterior of each building is unique, the same applies to the entrance halls. They are not just a space that one passes through, they are conceived as part of your home, where it is cozy and pleasant to stay thanks to the indoor-outdoor relationship and the attention to beautiful materials such as mosaic tiles and art deco lighting.

You might have to pass through a beautiful archway before entering the entrance hall and some entrances have even been decorated with handmade pigmented Spanish tiles on the ceiling, always in the same pattern, but in different colors per entrance. The same principle that applies to the entire site is therefore also further translated within a design: diversity, within the unit.

Hometown inspiration

In this second phase of the project, construction will mainly take place around the somewhat more intimate courtyards of Park Lane.

The designers of AWG architects became inspired by a Brussels icon: villa Empain. This Art Deco villa is one of the most remarkable architectural gems of our capital and also leaves its mark on some of the Park Lane buildings. This is how you see the rounded corners return to Liberty.