Park apartments :

The park units are apartments with a view of the park without other buildings in the way. This is extremely rare in a city. Moreover, you can be sure that no future buildings will ever obscure your view as the Tour & Taxis park is a protected green zone. Another advantage is the traffic-free environment and the lower concentration of dust particles. From your terrace you can quietly watch how the park is filled with walkers, joggers and families.

Terrace apartments:

Apartments with terraces 20 m2 and more are considered terrace units. These type of apartments are quite scarce and exclusive. If you dream of a spacious outdoor area, then please act quickly. Look in the following buildings: Jaydon and Liberty (Courtyard II) and Quincy, Rosehill and Scarlet (excluding Courtyard III)


The plans shown below are just a few examples of these typologies on Park Lane II. To obtain all plans and typologies, please contact us.

Type park oriented: Quincy 4.6

98.5 m2 + 8 m2 terrace

Price starting from:

415.000 €

Type park oriented: Rosehill 5.3

136 m2 + 20 m2 terrace

Price starting from:

629.000 €

Type large terrace: Quincy 5.5

3 bedrooms, 3 bathroom and large terrace
154 m2 + 52 m2 terraces

Price starting from:

689.000 €

Type large terrace: Scarlet 5.1

3 bedrooms, lift directly in apartment
166 m2 + 68 m2 terrace (south)

Price starting from:

699.000 €

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Studio – 1 BEDROOOM