The two bedroom types are located in each of Park Lane II’s 11 buildings, both in Courtyard II and Courtyard III. We make sure that these units are never mono-oriented and therefore always look at least in 2 different directions.
Each unit has a separate guest toilet in the hallway and a private storage room for washing machine and storage. Most units also have an underground cellar on level -1.
All 2 bedroom units have a terrace between 6 and 14 m2. Terraces are designed as loggias, making it pleasant to relax, both in summer and on cooler days. This way, the terrace actually becomes an extension of the living room.
Looking for a unit with an exceptionally large terrace? Then definitely look under the type of “park and terrace”.


9% of the units on Park Lane II are three bedroom properties. A third bedroom can be interesting as an office or guest room.
We aim for luxurious and spacious living, especially in the buildings along the park in Courtyard III.
In the Scarlet building, the three-bedroom apartments are on the upper floors and the elevator even arrives into the apartment. A very exceptional offer.
Rather looking for affordable living with 3 bedrooms? Then look at buildings Jaydon and Liberty where you will also find 3 bedroom apartments under 400,000 €.
There are always at least 2 bathrooms and enough storage space, including in the underground cellars on floor -1.

Plans shown are just a few examples of these typologies on Park Lane II. To obtain all plans and types, please contact us.

Type 2 Bedroom: Jaydon 1.3

102 m2 + 9 m2 terrace

Price starting from:

342.000 €

Type 2 Bedrooms: Metropolitan 1.3

96 m2 + 10 m2 terrace

Price starting from:

343.000 €

Type 3 Bedrooms: Jaydon 0.3

121 m2 + 5 m2 terrace

Price starting from:

389.000 €

Type 3 Bedrooms: Rosehill 5.3

137 m2 + 20 m2 terrace

Price starting from:

640.000 €

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Studio – 1 BEDROOM