Anyone who opts for an apartment in Park Lane will get a high-quality kitchen by the Belgian company MAPE. It is no coincidence that project developer Nextensa chose to collaborate with MAPE as its main kitchen manufacturer. An interview with Sandrine Van Buggenhout from MAPE.

MAPE was started in Erpe-Mere near Aalst in 1967. The name of the kitchen and bathroom manufacturer refers to the first letters of the names of the two brothers that took over the company, which was a joinery at the time, after their father died: Marc and Peter. Meanwhile, the third generation of the family business has emerged. Sandrine is responsible for purchases and planning. Brother Philip primarily takes care of supervision of sales, design and production. Today, MAPE has about 50 employees.

Hello Sandrine! How can you explain MAPE’s steady growth?

Sandrine: “Two years ago, we were very proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary. The result of hard work and a clear vision. To this day, we greatly value Belgian production. We sell not only kitchens, bathrooms and dressings, but also design and produce them in our own studio in Erpe-Mere. We are involved in the entire production process, so that we are 100% sure we are providing quality.”

You are going to design, produce and install kitchens at Park Lane. That is an ambitious project. How are you going to approach that?

Sandrine: “Oh, we’ve been working on that for a while already (laughs). It’s not our first ambitious project. In the past, we have installed our kitchens in RIVA, another successful project by Nextensa. We are always coming up with kitchens that aim for optimal functionality. Our choice of high-quality materials and unique, timeless style is the result of that. For example, our lacquered, handle-less cabinets, sturdy counters made of composite, etc. Unlike other kitchen builders, the material we use for our cabinets is at least 19mm thick, so you can be sure it is super-durable.”

We are always coming up with kitchens that aim for optimal functionality.

What type of kitchen can I expect from Mape?

Sandrine: “We will provide a well-equipped kitchen with Miele and Siemens appliances. You can start cooking right away. You also have the option to further personalise your kitchen. In that case, we will invite you to one of our three showrooms: Erpe-Mere (our head office), Aalter (near Gent) and in the near future, also in Putte (near Mechelen).”